Aliou Kandé’s income jumped from $77 to $139, and increase of 80%, in the first month after his loan made it possible to purchase a wider range of inventory to sell from his kiosk. Watching Aliou engage his customers with a warm greeting, a great smile, and a drink of cold water on this hot June day, it is easy to imagine how his business will continue to grow.

Aliou currently offers traditional grocery goods, sweets, bags of ice, bottles of cold water, and small utilitarian items to the residents of his neighborhood, but he lets you know right away that he sees this as only the beginning.

Aliou is married and has two young children to whom he is dedicated and determined to provide a good life. He was quick to tell us that his goal is to someday become “a great businessman”. He may indeed. As you can see in the picture, he has acquired an old and worn “executive chair”, symbolic of his dream of growth and achievement. One thing for sure, whatever he wants to do, Friends of Senegal will cheer him on!

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