Pourmera Diop received a loan of 160 000 CFA, or $245 US, to purchase women’s products to neighbors and friends. These items include lingerie, perfumes, incense, and other alluring items, such as the pearl belts shown in the picture.

Such products are most often sold in small, intimate “Tupperware” type gatherings in the sales person’s home.

Pourmera’s signature item is a secret formula perfume that was created by her mother many years ago and which reportedly has magic powers, giving her an edge over the competition.

Pourmera, 45 years of age, is a dynamic and immediately likable woman with a keen sense of humor. She has two children and supports her family from the sales of these women’s products.

Pourmera is very grateful to have received a micro loan from Friends of Senegal, which allowed her to increase her inventory and create more sales and income than she could previously. She is current with her loan repayments and hopes to later obtain a second, larger loan, in order to add more products to her line of tantalizing goods.

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