Aliou Ba is a big man with a quick smile, a warm heart and a love of motorcycles. Before receiving a micro loan for his business of repairing motorcycles, Aliou was exclusively dependent on scavenged parts from old “motos” in order to repair others, but he is now delighted to have both new and used parts to work with and to offer his to clients.

Motorcycles are a necessity in Saint-Louis, due to the heavy traffic in town, as well as a pleasure and source of pride for many people. Aliou wants to cash in on this need for reliable transportation, but not only by repairing motorcycles: he dreams of having a business in which he can sell new and used motorcycles as well as repair old ones. Friends of Senegal believes in Aliou’s dream, and will walk with him step by step to help him achieve that dream.

Aliou received a loan in the amount of 181 500 CFA ($280 US) and is current on his repayments. It’s a very safe bet that he will complete his repayment on or ahead of schedule and someday receive another, larger loan that will help him on his way to reach his dream, employing others in the process.

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